The objective of OHCL is to guide substance regulation in the automotive industry, providing a North American perspective on the global industry and supply chain. During the session, highlights from the current year and emerging issues were discussed, followed by updates from the OHCL working group. The meeting concluded with initiatives for group participation. Here are some of the highlights of the workgroup:

• Proposed five enhancements for IMDS 15.0
• Assisted AEM, a Heavy-duty equipment manufacturer, in setting up their chemical management processes.
• The BIZNGO Hazardous Work Assessment Group explained how IMDS and GADSL work together.
• Participation in Material Declaration Teams and ESG Group by IPC.
• Significant questions were raised regarding IMDS Recommendation 025, which evaluates recycled and bio-based material content.
• Formed two new groups: Electroplating Work Group and Product Carbon Footprint Group.
• The workgroup plans to use IMDS for LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) to assess Product Carbon Footprint.

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