National EPR Web Portal Introduced for Registration and Declaration

Vietnam has taken a significant step towards enhancing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance with the introduction of an Online EPR Information Reporting, Registration, and Declaration System. In a move away from traditional paper-based reporting, businesses in Vietnam are now required to register, declare, and report EPR information through the country's National EPR Web Portal.

Streamlining EPR Compliance

The National EPR Web Portal provides a centralized platform for businesses to fulfill their EPR obligations as mandated by Vietnam's Environmental Protection Law and related regulations. This online system replaces the need for paper submissions and aims to streamline the process of reporting EPR-related data.

Video Instruction for Businesses

To assist businesses in navigating the newly launched EPR system, the authority has made available a comprehensive video instruction guide. This resource aims to ensure that businesses can effectively use the online portal to register, declare, and report their EPR information accurately and efficiently.

Covered Items and Recycling Obligations

Under Vietnam's EPR framework, several items and packaging materials are subject to waste treatment and recycling requirements. These include:

- End-of-life vehicles (ELVs)
- Packaging
- Lubricants
- Electrical and electronic equipment
- Accumulators and batteries
- Tires and tubes

Businesses involved in the importation or manufacturing of these items are obligated to meet recycling requirements. They have the option to either donate funds to the Vietnam Environment Protection Fund (VEP Fund) or organize their recycling initiatives.

Financial Contributions to the VEP Fund

In addition to recycling obligations, companies and individuals engaged in the manufacturing or importation of designated items must contribute financially to the VEP Fund. These contributions support waste treatment efforts and initiatives aimed at environmental protection and sustainability.

Enhancing Environmental Protection Efforts

The launch of the National EPR Web Portal and the updated EPR regulations underscore Vietnam's commitment to enhancing environmental protection efforts and promoting sustainable practices within the country. By centralizing EPR reporting and providing guidance through video instructions, authorities aim to improve compliance and accountability among businesses.

Importance of Compliance

Businesses operating in Vietnam's regulated sectors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new EPR requirements and utilize the National EPR Web Portal for registration, declaration, and reporting purposes. Compliance with these regulations is essential for both environmental stewardship and adherence to legal obligations.
The introduction of the Online EPR Information Reporting, Registration, and Declaration System represents a significant advancement in Vietnam's environmental governance, signaling a commitment to sustainable waste management practices and environmental protection.


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