Autodesk, a leading developer of futuristic design and manufacturing technology, helping organizations speed up product development and provide exceptional customer experiences made a significant change in delivering Upchain updates, moving from quarterly updates to progressive updates. This change will enable customers to make the most of the product.

Latest fixes and improvements to Upchain – From August 2023

BOM Wizard improvement - Users can now easily manage a BOM structure by changing item types in the BOM Wizard window during import.
Localization support for 2 more languages - Localization support for Korean and German is now available for web, plugins, and user documentation. For the web, users can now change their language preferences through their browser’s language settings. Whereas for the plugin users can update their Window’s language settings.
New theme focused on clarity and readability – Upchain has a new modern theme that enhances clarity and readability for users. Users can switch back to their old theme anytime.
Release Manager Efficiency - Upchain allows releasing items in one package even when eBOM and cBOM differ, improving release manager efficiency and accuracy.
Changes to Document publishing workflow - Users can now customize the required votes to accept or reject a document, improving the documentation workflow.
Release process will ignore obsolete items - Children with outdated statuses under released parents will be ignored when releasing assemblies. This will speed up the release process and make it more efficient. Users can choose to update released assemblies with outdated versions, but it's not required by the system.
The BOM export includes supplier details - The report document for BOM exported from the web will now include supplier information if available.
Tenant creation for new customers by admin - Customers who have purchased an Upchain subscription can now create a tenant/hub independently without waiting for Autodesk support information.
New theme to make admins' lives easier - Options to find and filter data are now relatively easier for the administrator based on the new capabilities of the administration tables.
Performance Optimization - The user's dashboard activity stream and project dashboard now load up to four times faster. Additionally, optimizations have been made to obtain edit lock and cBOM information for both the web and plugin.

About Upchain

Upchain is a cloud-based system for Product Data Management (PDM) that enables your team to collaborate seamlessly across the entire value chain. With this tool, it's easy for you to access and edit vital product data, share it with relevant teams, track your assigned tasks, and detect any product issues using user-friendly dashboards and reports.

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