Our client is a manufacturer of wide range of products from roll-formed metal sheets like Garden sheds, Cabin sheds, Storage sheds, Storage boxes, Garbage boxes, Car shelters, Dog houses, etc.,

Why APA?

APA has around 8 years of experience in the design of Automation equipment, Welding fixtures, Special purpose machines, Assembly line automation, Workstations/Work cells, and EOAT (End of Arm Tools).


The scope was to increase the productivity of the “corrugated sheet forming line” by reducing the cycle time.

Design Challenges Involved:

We had to develop an automation solution to reduce the cycle time for all the 63 products manufactured from a particular (or single) machine.

Design process:

  • ● Identifying the bottle neck in the existing process
  • ● Finding a process which can reduce the cycle time
  • ● Designing a floating unit which contains all the punches
  • ● Mapping hole locations in tools to cover entire range of products
  • ● Setting the layout for each product and ensuring no units overlap with each other
  • ● Preparing detail drawings and Bill of material for tools

Value Delivered:

  • ● The cycle time was reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds
  • ● APA Engineering is an “On-Demand Extended Design house” for our client. Design cost was just 40 % when compared to onshore

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