Our client is a manufacturer of Conveyor system and End of Arm tools for food and healthcare industries in North America.


The scope was to design a loop conveyor for Sanitizing the medical equipment used in general hospitals.

Why APA?

APA has around 8 years of experience in the design of conveyors, automation equipment, welding fixtures, assembly line automation, work stations/work cells, and EOAT (End Of Arm Tools).

Design Challenges:

  • ● Connecting 2 halves of the loop conveyor without flow restriction and tray wobbling at the connecting
  • points.

Design Process:

  • ● Studying the client’s requirements and developing various concepts through a continuous improvement-
  • based iterative process.
  • ● Performing sizing calculations of long-lead items such as motors, sprockets, etc.
  • ● Selecting cost-efficient standard components (Ex: Rectangular tubes, L angles, shafts, sprockets, plastic
  • conveyor chain, plastic chain track, etc.) as per standard and stock size availability with the local distributors.
  • ● Finalizing the design and preparing the 2D drawings of all the machining parts, Weldment parts &
  • assemblies with Bill of Materials.
  • Value Delivered:

    • ● We have performed sizing calculations of long-lead items such as motors, sprockets, etc., and get
    • confirmation from the respective manufacturers during the initial stage of design completion. This helped to speed up the construction schedule.
    • ● APA Engineering known for its cost-effective solutions and round the clock support, brought down the
    • client's Design and product cost to 2/3 of the usual cost.

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