The scope was to design a sheet metal enclosure for an industrial fan assembly with IP—rating

Why APA?

APA is working as an extended design team of this particular client for more than a decade

Design process:

  • ● Understanding the components required in the fan assembly
  • ● Designing the structural parts to support the fan and other components like filters, dampers etc.
  • ● Assembling the fan and other components with necessary clearance to complete the structural assembly & proper insulation
  • ● Designing enclosure sheets to cover up the structural components
  • ● Adding doors in the necessary access areas
  • ● Creating mounting holes as per the requirement and selecting optimum fasteners
  • ● Packaging design for Insulation
  • ● Preparing assembly drawings, sheet metal manufacturing drawings along with bill of Materials

Value Delivered:

  • ● Avoiding complex Design - Designed the parts with simple bends to avoid difficulties during assembly
  • ● Reducing manufacturing cost - Designed most of the features/parts as symmetrical wherever it is possible thus reduced the manufacturing cost
  • ● Mounting all Structural and enclosures using fasteners to flexible of assembly and disassembly for ease maintenance

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