Our client is one of the Global Manufacturers of Ventilation, Drive and control systems in Europe.

Why APA?

The scope was to convert the Exhaust Steel Guard Grill into the Injection moulded plastic part.


APA is working as an extended design team for Material Conversion. APA can help you with Material conversion for your successful business in one-stop solutions.

Design Challenges Involved:

  • ⮚ Converting the Wire grill into Injection Mould plastic is a challenging one.
  • ⮚ Designing the Injection Mould tool to open axially.
  • ⮚ Maintaining the Mounting holes and size of the component
  • ⮚ Maintaining the same acoustic design in the injection mold design
  • ⮚ Avoiding additional aerodynamic losses
  • ⮚ Maintaining the Natural frequency of less than 17Hz.
  • ⮚ Avoiding the turbulence Inflow area should be designed without additional disturbances.

Design Process:

The steps involved in the design process are:

  • ⮚ Evaluating your products
  • ⮚ Checking the Manufacturing and functional feasibility
  • ⮚ Selecting the material based on the applications
  • ⮚ Creating the concept design as per Customer requirement
  • ⮚ Validating the component in the FEA Environment
  • ⮚ Modifying the design as per the FEA result (Stress, Displacement & Stability)
  • ⮚ Preparing the DFM report of the component
  • ⮚ Performing the mold flow analysis
  • ⮚ Performing the CFD simulations if required.

Value Delivered:

  • ⮚ Reducing the Manufacturing cost and Product Weight
  • ⮚ Improving your product design and product performance
  • ⮚ Increasing the functional durability and Productivity

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