APA Engineering's Design Engineers are specialized in Legacy conversion projects. Our 20 long years history of working with European clients, especially from Germany, do enable us to quickly understand the client’s requirements and their standards in each and every aspect of CAD conversion and provide the best solutions.

Speaking about one of our recent client’s requirement to convert HiCAD files to Solidworks Parametric CAD files, is an interesting story to share.

The client, to overcome the non-parametric CAD (HiCAD) files issue, wanted to move into Parametric CAD Software Solidworks. Also, the existing HiCAD 3D files had loads of surface issues and the individual parts were not linked with each other in Assembly.

Our team assists them in successfully converting all the HiCAD files into parametric 3D models, by also exceeding client’s quality standard benchmark. As each milestone set by the client were reached well before the deadline with great quality, APA is being provided with a great Customer satisfaction rating of (4.7/5) continuously for the past 3 quarters. Trusting the capabilities of APA, the client has provided APA the remote access to their Product data management system, so that APA can directly download the required files ourselves, thus reducing client’s time.

Why APA?

  • 1. Data Security:
  • a. We are ISO 27001 & TISAX certified- Your data is safe with us
  • b. Data confidentiality & Integrity - Our core value
  • 2. Quality Deliverables:
  • a. Assuring Quality Deliverables – ISO 9001: 2015, certified
  • b. A dedicated team for Quality checking
  • c. We have 3 levels of Quality checking before any project delivery
  • d. Individual checklists and Project guidelines for every customer
  • e. Integrated internal dashboard for quality process
  • 3. Competitive Pricing & other advantages:
  • a. Cost effective hourly rate
  • b. Advantages of working in different Time-zone


Developed & delivered, high accurate Parametric 3D models achieving 99% match, higher than the client’s set target of 97%.

The author, Barath drives global strategy for engineering solutions at APA Engineering.

He can be reached at [email protected]


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