PLYMOUTH, MI- A new 3D printing facility for personalized titanium cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) implants was opened by Materialise in Plymouth, Michigan. This facility aims to simplify creating customized medical implants and improving patient care. Previously, Materialise only manufactured titanium CMF implants in its 3D printing facility in Belgium. However, with the addition of the new dedicated metal 3D printing facility in the United States, the company plans to address surgeons' needs more quickly and significantly cut down the delivery time for personalized implants to hospitals nationwide.

Materialise has been a leading figure in medical 3D printing for more than 30 years. Their expertise lies in creating customized solutions, such as 3D-printed guides and implants, and they have been a pioneer in medical applications. In 2017, they introduced one of the US's first personalized CMF implant portfolios, setting a new standard for advanced healthcare solutions. Most recently, Materialise's 3D planning expertise and 3D-printed instruments were instrumental in a groundbreaking simultaneous double hand and face transplant, successfully carried out at NYU Langone Health in Manhattan, New York.

Words from the Vice President of Medical, Materialise

Brigitte de Vet, emphasized the significance of the new metal 3D printing centre, stating, "With the opening of our new metal 3D printing centre in the US, we bring personalized care closer to US patients. The power of 3D printing, paired with our three decades of experience in 3D planning and medical manufacturing, allows us to accelerate the delivery of personalized medical implants. We take pride in leading the charge to revolutionize patient-specific care, and with our dedicated facility in Michigan, we further enhance personalized care in the United States."

Materialise has expanded to Michigan, providing personalized healthcare solutions for US patients with efficient and reliable medical implants and instruments.

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