Data security is one of the major points for any organization. Especially when it is related to any Internal design and company's intellectual property, it is biggest threat to be worried about. Another cause for worry is, when design is the latest, because you can have multiple people working on a design and there are high chances of the latest one slipping away. This can result in people working on older variants leading to loss of time and money.

To fix all these issues a PDM system is used. PDM enables an organization to monitor the full life cycle of the design by restricting access to the users and there will be tracking log of who has worked on it and when.

APA successfully integrated a few of our client PDM Vault servers. We are accessing their files via PDM by using Checkout and Check-in functions. The client will assign the ECO’s to us. Due to the time difference, we will complete the work Engineering Change Order (ECO) before the client starts the day resulting in increased productivity.

The author, Naveen and Barath drive global strategy for engineering solutions at APA Engineering.

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