As we move forward in time, we always come across new technologies, products, need for more durability, need to match more stringent standards and so on. Every company needs to be updated with the latest trends & demands, and this involves in bettering the existing products, either, aesthetically or functionally and at times both.

With the current technology, luckily, we don’t have to start from the scratch; we can just pick up our existing design, make required modifications to it, validate the design and there you have a new design in your hands.

The need for updates is evidently seen in the Automotive industries where we see a lot of facelifts for all the vehicles across all brands and models. To save time and release the new designs 1st in the market, APA has supported one of their clients in redesigning front and rear fenders for one of the vehicles in the US Market.

Using a Hexagon Romer Arm, we were able to 1st reverse engineer the existing design in Solid works, apply the latest boundary conditions and build the new design in a very short time.

The author, Naveen drive global strategy for engineering solutions at APA Engineering.

He can be reached at [email protected]

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