Amazon A+ content has been the talk of the town for a while due to its benefits to all the professional sellers. As time goes on, sellers look forward to elevating the sales rate more and Amazon A+ does just that. From increasing sales rate by 5.6% in 2020 to increasing sales rate by 10% in 2022 on an average, the idea of bringing brands to limelight has come a long way and become an indicator plus strategy to grab customers online.

Introduction to Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ content is a feature that enables the display of information such as brand story through picture and video content, amplified product descriptions that can be changed from time to time, etc. The premium feature provides comparison charts with competitors that help in measuring performance. Sellers can change their ASINs from time to time with HD videos, images, and high-quality texts. The motive behind it is to make the potential buyers understand products in-depth and provide a better shopping experience.

What does Amazon A+ include?

Techniques like cross selling (offering products complementary to product customer looking at – like Amazon’s Frequently bought together, Customers who bought this Item also bought) and upselling (upgrade on existing product being looked at in terms of features, brand) are powered by AI&ML engines. These techniques powered by AI can significantly increase sales as it is reported 35% of Amazon revenue comes from such marketing based on customer behavior analytics. Studies on e-retail sector have shown that these techniques can on average easily increase sales by 5% and up to 10%. The homepage of a customer becomes highly personalized as a result of these AI&ML techniques.

Sales and Personalized shopping

● Short product descriptions with 100 or less words

● Multiple images taken from various angles

● Precise explanatory bullet points to explain about product features and benefits

● Short paragraphs that explain more about the product with scannable headings

● Section called 'what's in the box' to make buyers aware of what they purchase

● Comparison charts, 360⁰ views, and videos for cross-selling

Benefits of Amazon A+ Content for Autoparts eCommerce Sales

The motive of Amazon A+ content is to improve conversion rates and product sales. It provides a margin to compel potential customers into buying and increases the chance of repurchasing. Another bonus is it sets up the stage to distinguish products from competitors, which was not offered earlier. There were formatting restrictions, compulsory compression of big paragraphs which led to inadequate information. But as currently, the eCommerce marketplace's focus has become more customer-centric, it led to implementing innovative methods like A+ content to drive sales.

1. Eye-pleasing Visuals

Visuals should appeal to the senses. They should be clean and easy to understand. As Amazon allows sellers to customize words in preferable size and does not restrict to big block fonts, the visuals can be altered to please the autoparts product page visitors. Viewers can easily skim through words easily and get a glimpse of content. HD images and videos can be made as a part of content to grab the attention of potential buyers. The images and videos can have explanations to the specific autoparts usage and properly formatted text to entice page viewers.

2. Brings your Auto Parts Special Attention

There is always an option to provide highly attractive and eye-catching images and videos to draw attention. Competitors can be monitored and product pages can be strategized by checking their methods to adopt better practices.

3. Helps Increase Conversions

As mentioned, Amazon A+ content complements the products with its features, makes the quality of product branding better along with customer experience. Making product pages both visual and experience centric is the key.

4. Helps Identifying Duplicate Autoparts

It is known that the black market always tries to replicate products. Customers through image explosion, instructions, and videos will understand ways to identify real products from counterfeit products.

5. Lower Product Returns

The first thing that grabs the attention of page visitors is reviews and ratings. The product sales depend on customer reviews on one hand due to customers conducting a general check on the product page before buying. When customers understand the product features and functions more, they buy and may leave positive reviews and ratings.

Eligibility for A+ Amazon

Amazon A+ content is available for vendors and sellers who are brand registered. Up to 15 ASINs can be added per month for A+ content. Bestselling ASINs should be given priority to make better use of the feature. Sellers registered under Amazon exclusive programs or launchpad become automatically eligible, while sellers registered under the brand registry 1.0 should get registered separately.

Points to remember on Amazon A+ content

● Amazon A+ content template does not help indexing in the Amazon site

● Extra amount may be charged for listing products already listed by others

● Competitor products cannot be mentioned

● Both text and image content should be unique

● A+ content should be submitted within 1 month of qualifying for the same

● Changes in content is allowed only within two days of product pages going live

● Amazon has the right to remove the A+ page on infringement or unfulfillment of prescribed practices

Amazon A+ content best practices

Amazon suggests certain practices that can be the best bet to take your eCommerce sales journey one step ahead. They are as follows:

1. Short and Precise Content

If one puts themselves in the customer's shoes, they would realize that customers would not want to read big paragraphs at one go. The features and benefits usually get skimmed through and understood. The best practice here would be to keep the points concise and stick to the keywords that convey message and help rank better in the search engines.

2. Embracing Unique Selling Point

Every brand should have a unique selling point to make its products or services stand out from its competitors. Before proceeding with A+ content, the USP of brand should be decided on and emphasized in the product pages through the forms of advantages or benefits of the products. There tends to be a common confusion among the difference between benefits and features while listing products online. Features talk about the product aspects while benefits talk about the drive of it.

3. Image and Text Combination

While images add attractive looks to the product page, there should be convincing text that highlights product features, benefits, and inform website visitors on why they should buy the products. It will be beneficial to those who skim over the lines. Adding more visuals than text can make it eye-catching. Also, keeping the text short and up to the point will make the message reach better.

4. Refer Old Reviews

Reviews help in understanding customers' needs and improving product experience. Going through your old reviews and reviews of competitors selling similar products will present a notion of the major customer needs.

5. Image Size, Resolution, and Quality

Images as per Amazon A+ content template will vary in terms of selected module types. Every seller needs to fulfil the general conditions of compliance regarding image resolution, quality and size to become eligible for listing.

6. Error Free Content

The standard time for A+ Amazon approval is 7 days. But it is noted that the approval process is quicker than the mentioned time. Hence, before submitting for A+ content, the content should be thoroughly proofread and edited- keeping in mind that some special characters are restricted. It also includes use of registered trademarks, registered brand logos, and copyrights. No hyperlinks are accepted to any external site, though hyperlinks to ASIN in the module are valid. On the occasion of any errors found and reported, the page will run approximately for one week; with the mistake committed earlier.

7. Uniformity in Designs

There should be consistent design throughout the product catalog. The product page or landing page should have the same or similar representation of products that help in identifying products better. The brand as a whole should be represented on any given page.

The Don'ts in A+ Amazon Listing

A+ content Amazon has some restrictions placed. The following activities lead to disapproval upon submission:

● Inclusion of special characters including trademarks, copyrights, and brand logos

● Provision of contact number of the company

● Business referrals to any sellers

● Non-compliance with image resolution and or size requirements that lead to low image quality

● Using same images twice or more time

● Making tall claims on products or using words that indicate the same

● Excess or complete capitalization of words

● Grammatical errors or poor proofreading or editing

Implementation of A+ content

As mentioned above, any brand registered seller or vendor is eligible for Amazon A+ content. The process may be tedious for sellers and brands as Amazon listing services requires continuous monitoring. There may also be a lack of resources to perform such activities on a daily basis.

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