The global automotive aftermarket is estimated to have a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.49% for the forecast period of 2022-2030 according to Precedence Research. Customers are influencing the automotive aftermarket online sales growth! Online product catalogs with powerful search capabilities, digital media content, and accurate product fitment data could positively impact customers’ purchase decisions resulting in increased brand loyalty and sales This holds good for those who manufacture and sell heavy-duty aftermarket products

How Online Product Catalog Drive Online Sales?

Increase customer satisfaction: Help customers find the ‘right’ replacement parts with accurate product fitment data from anywhere, anytime and build brand loyalty.

Increase customer engagement: ‘Smart’ search capabilities help customers browse, compare products, view products of interests based on previous purchases with ease. Providing rich media content like product images and videos can visually engage customers.

Increase online sales conversion: Keep customers informed of newly launched products, promotions, cross and upsell through campaigns and online

Here is how we can Influence Customers to Choose your Brand Online

Based on the inputs we receive from you such as category, part number, images, specifications, we will

● Analyze the given data and categorize data accordingly

● Layouts for product listing, product details will be designed based on the categorical data

● Process low quality images and provide enhanced images

● Make high quality videos for the heavy-duty product

● Data population (both product information and media) in the appealing layout

● Ensure quality output through rigorous testing

● Deliver the online catalog (if required a printable version)

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