The integrated web service API tool Amazon MWS is trending towards retirement. The MWS API, which was formerly supported by AMTU, is no longer supported by Amazon. As a result of MWS's retirement, which Amazon announced, the AMTU tool is also retiring. Although the precise date of that retirement is uncertain, it is anticipated to occur very soon.

What is AMTU?

Amazon Merchant Transport Utility (AMTU) is a transport layer application that transfers Amazon data from Amazon Seller Central to your computer and vice versa. A user could streamline their sales channel workflow using this software. AMTU operates automatically in the background, obtaining the uploaded files from the appropriate location in the local computer and uploading them to Amazon.This is popularly used in the Automotive Aftermarket to load fitment information for listings.

What is Amazon MWS?

Amazon MWS (Amazon Marketplace Web Service) is a suite of APIs that enables sellers to exchange data between their Amazon selling account and their own applications. Amazon MWS API allows sellers to retrieve information on orders, inventory, and listings, as well as submit orders and manage their inventory on Amazon.

What will substitute for the MWS API when it no longer exists?

As Amazon announced the retirement of the MWS API, to complete the task that was previously completed by the MWS API, you may integrate with the REST-based API selling partner API (SP API).
In order to work with the SP API, you must submit a request for permissions to Amazon, who will authorize it and give you the API credentials.

What do we offer as an Amazon AMTU and MWS API Replacement?

To get this SP API process done, we have built it with the Octopus tool. Our Octopus tool mimics the process that will be done by the SPAPI tool. We upload the ACES XML input into Octopus and push that into the SP API, which shows similar results. Our octopus is capable of calling the SP API, as we are replicating the functionalities of the AMTU tool. The processes that are similar to Amazon AMTU service will be done by our octopus:

Hence, whatever you prefer to do with the Amazon AMTU tool can be done with our Octopus tool.

You can create, update, and upload listings by pushing bulk Excel sheets or ACES XML without the necessity of AMTU. You can also update the various aspects of a listing using the Octopus tool which is compatible with the latest SP API

For More Details about Replacement for the Retiring AMTU Tool