At APA, we understand the importance of having accurate vehicle information to improve sales and ensure customer satisfaction. That's why we conduct thorough research on the Year, Make, Model, and Engine (YMME) and other relevant application details based on our clients' raw data to provide precise vehicle application information.

The Essence of Application Research

Application research involves collecting and analyzing data from different sources, such as industry reports, sales records, manufacturer specifications, customer feedback, and automotive databases. This process helps stakeholders make informed decisions about vehicle production, marketing, sales, and servicing based on their Year, Make, and Model (YMM).

Objective: Our primary goal is to collect and consolidate vehicle information based on the part numbers provided by our clients.  
Focus on YMME: We carefully extract Year, Make, Model, and Engine details to create comprehensive coverage reports.  

Three phases of Application Research

1. Structuring YMME: At our core, we adopt a proactive stance by sourcing vehicle information from trusted external sources for part numbers that might lack associated data. Our commitment revolves around prioritizing client satisfaction, ensuring that every part number supplied by our clients matches precise Year, Make, Model, and Engine (YMME) data. 
2. Addressing void data: In this phase, our primary focus is gathering any vehicle information, according to the client’s requirements, for parts lacking such data. By addressing this critical gap, we assure our clients are well-equipped to promote sales effectively and stay ahead in business growth. 
3. Coverage report creation: By performing extensive research on applications for parts, going beyond essential data gathering, we create comprehensive coverage reports showing how specific part numbers match different vehicles. This detailed analysis provides our clients with valuable insights, empowering them to strategically target markets and improve sales strategies based on the diverse applications of each part.    

How Does Our Application Research Benefit Businesses?

1. Enhanced Sales Strategies: Our detailed coverage reports provide in-depth insights that can help optimize marketing and sales strategies.  
2. Time and Cost Efficiency: By outsourcing application research, clients can save valuable resources and focus on core business activities.  
3.Data Security and Confidentiality: We prioritize the security of our clients' information. Our processes and systems are designed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data entrusted to us.  

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