Discounts play a good role in pitching more customers. Imagine getting discounts every time you shop on eCommerce websites! Now, imagine entering a deal with your customers that fetch them discounts and gain you brand loyalty along with better sales that lead to overall income. Sounds exciting right? The discounted pricing scheme does the same. Read further to know more.

What is special about discounted pricing?

Discounted pricing offers customers a discount every time they log into the eCommerce portals and generate a search result. The final discounted price will be displayed in YMME (Year Make Model Engine) search tab. eCommerce users need not wait until the checkout to be informed about the final price.

How does Discounted pricing work?

Customers on an agreement with the selling company to purchase products get added into customer groups. Every customer belonging to different groups will receive particular discount rate on products. After generating search results for products in the Year Make Model Engine app, the discounted final price is displayed. The scheme will be on a contractual basis.

The discounted pricing may be at category level, product level, or store-wide. In case a category level discount is chosen, multiple categories can be added and differentiated by discount rates.



Category level

A customer belonging to ‘A’ category receives 20% discount while another customer belonging to ‘B’ category receives 10%.

Product level

Specific products can be provided with discounts and receive a slash in price. Let us assume there are two products. ‘A’ and ‘B’. ‘A’ may not receive the special discount while ‘B’ will be sold for an offer.

Store wide

All the products in-store will be offered at a discounted rate without setting any product specification.

Important points to know:

• As a customer logs in, the discounted price gets triggered in Year Make Model Engine search results
• The discounted price is displayed amidst typing the product name
• The discounted price level should be fixed prior, as it will display different prices in the search results from the product page

Benefits of discounted pricing:

Benefits to distributors / resellers

• Increases sales by providing discounts to customers for purchasing products
• Fetches more trust, brand loyalty
• Better income to business

Benefits to customers

Year Make Model Engine faceted search that shows discounted price post-product search
• Saves time and allows quick decision-making on product choices



Final words

Gaining customers over a period of time necessitates effort in products, websites, and importantly selling strategy. Investments made should be twice re-made through income, because businesses are about providing benefits and getting benefitted, are they not? Reach out to us if providing quality products for a little bargain from customers to achieve better results in future is in your mind.

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