The business landscape continues to evolve drastically with technological advancements.

As a Catalog Manager in the Automotive and Heavy-Duty Industries, you're likely grappling with the complex task of managing parts and application data, which can be tiresome.

Choosing the correct Product Information Management (PIM) system with essential features will make your complex task smoother.

We will be publishing a series of articles on this topic. Today, let’s discuss the key import features of PIM you must consider while choosing one for your Automotive / Heavy-Duty business.

Multi-format Data Import Ability to support ACES and PIES files in various formats like XML, Excel and CSV for data alignment with industry standards
Self-service Import Potential to provide specific access for suppliers to upload product information directly and offer the flexibility to fix and re-upload error files
Queue Management Particularized for distributors who frequently gets data from vendors that helps them to prioritize certain files based on specific requirement
API Integration Facility to import data directly into the PIM system through ERPs via API integration.
Digital Asset Management DAM facility for storing digital assets (images, installation instructions, videos, brochure, Safety Data Sheets etc), search for images based on part numbers, convert from one image format to another and providing the required metadata for use in PIES.
Data Mapping Availability of powerful engines to map imported data to industry formats like ACES and PIES.
Data Validation Capability to perform schema validation for ACES and PIES files and provide exception reports for any data issues in the import process including possible fixes
Quality Control Audit files that provide information of all the errors in the import process giving clarity on what got imported and what got dropped including related metrics.
Import Performance Tracking Pre-defined alert functionality to track and manage successful imports. Also, alerts in case of errors in the data files.
Template Customization Customizable import template capability to capture specific data (like ERP information, catalog related information like variants, channel-wise categories, facet choices etc).

Looking for a solution that embodies all these capabilities?

APA’s PIM system has got you covered!

Why Choose APA & Its PIM?

 Why Choose APA & Its PIM

Join us in the upcoming weeks as we continue exploring essential features and capabilities of PIM Tool.

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