Amendment of EU ELV Directive- Annex II

In 2019, the following changes will be made to the three entries of ELV Annex II. The exemptions scheduled for 2019 are:

  • 8(e). Lead in high melting temperature type solders (i.e. lead-based alloys containing 85 % by weight or more lead)
  • 8(f) (b). Lead in compliant pin connector systems other than the mating area of vehicle harness connectors
  • 8(g). Lead in solders to complete a viable electrical connection between semiconductor die and carrier within integrated circuit flip chip packages (FCP´s)

Revision begins, 4 to 8 weeks ahead of stakeholder consultation period. The industry applications for an extension of these exemptions need to be available in July 2018 in order to answer to the questionnaires raised in the stakeholder consultation process. The industry has to demonstrate on the essentiality and the need of the exemption to be implemented.

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